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Statement of Policy:

It is the policy of the Beaufort County School District to regulate reasonable attire of students during the school day. Students in all schools shall wear an approved school uniform with only legally-mandated exceptions. To maintain an educational environment that is safe and conducive to the educational process, students in all grades shall abstain from wearing or possessing specified items during the school day.

What This Means to Us:

Students will wear:
1. Tops

a) Students may wear short or long sleeved cotton or golf shirts that have a collar. The colors are white, light blue, hunter green or pink. They do not have to have the school logo.
b) Students may wear school colored sweaters or cardigans inside the building over school uniforms.
c) Mock turtlenecks or turtlenecks under the school shirts are acceptable.

2 .Bottoms

a) Students will wear khaki or navy pants, shorts, skorts or jumpers.
b) Bottoms must be free of embroidery and graphics. With the exception of small labels, bottoms may not have insignias, words or pictures.
c) Shorts, skorts, and jumpers shall be modest and of sufficient length, no shorter than (3) inches above the knee when standing.
d) Cargo style pants and cargo shorts are not permitted.
e) Belts must be worn if there are belt loops; beltless pants are acceptable for young children.

3. Shoes, sneakers and boots

a) Footwear must be worn at all times, as needed, shoes shall conform to special requirements, e.g., P.E classes, etc.
b) Laces on shoes and sneakers must be tied. White socks are expected.
c) Flip flops, crocs, high heels, and slippers are not permitted.


1. Uniform Work and Sport
By Its Classic
29E Hunter Road
Hilton Head South Carolina, 29926 HHIECC School Logo will be available at Lands’ End
681-3002 Preferred School Number: 9001138470

2. Lands’ End Lands’ End Logo Number: 1043655K

3. The Gap, uniform section

4. J.C. Penny, uniform section

5. Target, uniform section

6. Wal-Mart